Covid Self-Test incl. Omicron - 1 piece

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  • quantity / pack: 1 Pieces
  • Refillable: Yes
  • reusable: no
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The new V-Chek Antigen rapid selftest for Corona Covid-19 gives test results for the Corona virus within 15 minutes. The test is pack in singles packs of 1 test per box. The test is supplied free of VAT/MwSt/BTW tax to companies in the EU. The test has a very high sensitivity and is increasingly used worldwide as a rapid test to detect the Corona virus. V-Chek is CE2854 certified for self testing at home and can be used without a medical professional. The test can be taken immediately at the first complaints of fever, sore throat or cold in the nose. The test result is quick and just as easy to read as a pregnancy test. A little nasal mucus is removed with a cotton swab (nasal swab). Then the cotton swab with the mucus sample is held for a few seconds in the supplied buffer liquid. You put 3 drops of the buffer liquid in the test cassette. You can read the test result within 15 minutes. The result is positive with 2 lines and the Corona virus has been found in the nose / throat mucus. The test has a high specificity of 99% and only responds to the Corona virus. With 1 line, the test result is negative or the concentration is too low for the threshold value of the test.

How is the test packed

• Single Packs of 1 piece
• CE2854 certificate selftest for home use
• OTC selling possible with EAN13 code
• Every pack contains 1 self test in foil
• 1 nasal swab (max 2.5 cms)
• 1 buffer in testtube
• Instructions for use (NL/FR/DE/EN/ES/IT)
• Quickguide (EN/NL)

CE conformity

What validations does this antigen rapid test have:
• CE declaration of conformity for use in the European Union (CE2854)
• Approval by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI, the German Institute for disease control) allowing this rapid test to be used in German test facilities.
• German validation done by the Paul Ehrlich Institut
• Validated in The Netherlands as self test working for the omicron variant (dec. 2021)
• Approved for home-use in the entire EU
• Rapid test meets the requirements set by the World Health Organization (WHO) for rapid tests for Covid-19 (specificity at least 97% and a sensitivity of at least 80%)

How accurate

The V-Chek Antigen test for the Corona virus has a high specificity of 98%. Due to the high specificity, the test only responds to the Corona virus and the chance of a false positive test result is negligible. The advantage of the antigen test is that as soon as it shows positive, the patient has the Corona virus with great certainty and infectious to other people. Waiting 15 minutes is a great advantage for the patient because he or she gets the test result almost immediately.

Does it work with the Omicron Variant?

Yes, the antigen test works with the various variants of the virus going around including the new Omicron variant. It has been confirmed to work with the British and South African variants, amongst others

  • quantity / pack: 1 Pieces
  • Refillable: Yes
  • reusable: no
  • Country of origin: China
  • caution: Do not use in microwave oven
  • expiration date: 1 year